Friday, June 24, 2011

The Wildogs

As the sun sets in... the moon took its rightful place, the wildogs starts to make the night as fun as it can be...the wildog way!!!

Journey Back Home - May 2011

Theres always something about the place... People come and go... but our hearts always long to be home in a place where childhood memories are embedded in each and every corner ... The wildogs - the fun of cheering for our homecourt heroes, The Chapel> perhaps the most beautiful chapel there is in loay.. of course the Ancestral House> where once upon a time, i crawled, walked, slept, ate, laughed, cried and enjoyed life... Wherever we maybe, this place always calls its sons and daughters...a place we call TOCDOG DACU....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ziplining and Everything in Between - Papakits Marina and Lagoon

After winning the VSD Cookout, team barricade savored the fruits of their labor... Papakits Zipline Adventure it is... Amidst the scorching heat of the sun,the team conquered and enjoyed the adventure..
[May 14, 2011]

Bookstore Angels: Years after > Bohol Plaza

People come and go but the bond remains through the years. It was an all girl group before and then two boys came in, and then others follow thru the next batches filling the group with almost all kinds of personalities there can be. One thing for sure, this group created a niche in the school where we tried to build our dreams. We may journeyed separately, our hearts were filled with memories of the place which became our sanctuary for four years. And its good to know that after the years we all long to reunite and share what have we become. we call this group -- the bookstore angels (and devils? - lol)
[May 7, 2011]

By the Pool: Bohol Coco Palms Resort

After the river cruisin, a quick stop at Bohol Plaza to relax and enjoy the pool...
{May 4, 2011}

Crusing the Majestic Loay River

With the loved ones to share the sights and sound of the river, nothing beats cruisin the majestic loay river in all its glory. One with the nature and soothing and caressing one's mind. :D
[May 4, 2011]

Friday, May 6, 2011

VSD Cookout: Cowboys went to the Beach

Amidst the pressure at work, we took a break and enjoyed the sand, sea and the s...un. Of course the camaraderie of the group at the very least made me love the program that im in.
As the cowboys and cowgirls invaded the beach, the competition began... in the end, team barricade emerged the winner!!! good job everyone!!! looking forward for another team GA...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Summer time

The sun was up, gettin ready for summer!!!, team optimus prime and barricade already log.out from work and kicked off its summertime summer fun!!! First stop: Coco Palms Beach Resort... The food may have been served 48 years later, but still the fun was worth 48 years!!! hehe