Monday, June 21, 2010

Better and Wiser::: As I Turn a Year Older

One of the best thing about life is the people that surrounds you, especially those who stopped at their journey to join you in your quest on this game called LIFE. These are the people who will always be there to clap for as you take the pedestal of success, the very same people who shall be your crying shoulder in times of failures.... As I turn a year older, truly a better and wiser than my years, I spent a night with the people whose frequency equates with mine, and whose friendship is beyond measures.... thanks guys for the night... twas fun. I love you all

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Child in Us: The Talima Adventure and Water Park

The sun is up, the boat sailed us away from the busy streets of the metro, team optimus prime hit the last wave of summer as we conquered the newest adventure there is. The Water play zone brought back the child in us, enjoying the funflatables to our great satisfaction... giving us the feeling that we wanted for more...... the water trampoline made us jump to cloud 9 , the inflatable high slide provided a mixed feeling of excitement par excellance, the inflatable rock it water "saucer" gave us a wild ride to laughter and fun.... This rock islet sprinkled with sands illuminated by the scorching heat of the kingly sun would soon become a legend of its own... Twas a fun ride to a child's world. (Thanks ninin for the pix) ... thanks team summer for the invite