Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pandanon Island Cebu

With the nice backdrop and the smiles of each of team osprey , who would dare to forget our first team GA at Pandanon Island... we conquered the island amidst the weather... go team osprey..rock on!

Officially a Call boy now

at my workstation in between taking calls, we took a shot......ooopss the guard is comin, back to work...

Team Phoenix GA @ Portofino Beach

Wave 23 joined team phoenix team GA at Portofino Beach., enjoying the sun, sand and the sea and of course the company...

Bohol Fiesta 2008

Enjoying 2008 fiesta

Cebu life

In between takes... this is all the leisure we have... lolz.

Vonage CS Wave 23

After the dreaded Client specific training, we unwind at Julia's and Gmik KTV before we were deployed to the floor with our respective teams... Go spartanzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Conquering East,West-Ayala

Chillin out with my colleagues at East,West Ayala

Foundation Training

Foundation training for Vonage CS and Vonage TS under the amazing trainor, En-en